Concerning news has emerged that Alexis Sanchez could fly off in January for the first China Cup.

The tournament is between China, Croatia and Iceland this year, with the aim of it becoming an annual event…

This comes the same day as reports have emerged that Arsene Wenger was planning on giving Alexis a ‘winter break’, except it doesn’t appear as if this is really a ‘break’ at all. It’s the Chilean jetting off to Asia to take place in another cup!

How this is allowed is beyond me, considering it’s pretty clearly just a way of making money and falls right in the middle of the season.

Chile boss, Juan Antonio Pizzi, has made it very clear that he’s willing to play Alexis at all costs considering how integral he is to the team. Therefore, if he has the chance to win something, I’m sure he’ll bring the forward.

I just sincerely hope that either Wenger is able to put his foot down and prevent our player, who’s already in danger of reaching the ‘red zone’, from flying to the other side of the world for some ridiculous tournament, or Chile choose to bring a B team rather than their top stars.