Arsene Wenger gave the media an update on Alexis Sanchez’s new Arsenal contract after the win against Bournemouth, stating that it’s ‘important’.

Really? Shocking stuff.

As we wait for Arsenal and Alexis to come to an agreement, we have to endure all sorts of nonsense in the press regarding Alexis’s various ‘demands’. For instance, just four days after claiming Alexis was DEMANDING £200k per week, the Sun were back telling us he was DEMANDING £250k and thinking about a move to China (see more details on that here, not a link to the Sun).

As if.

“It is important,” Wenger said when asked about his contract. “How important it is, I don’t know – we will not sort it tonight. We have some time in front of us.”

That bit, the ‘how important it is, I don’t know’ is an odd thing to say. I guess him not renewing is more ‘important’ than him signing from the point of view that if he does decide to leave we have to consider selling him and finding a replacement. Jeez, that’s an awful sentence, apologies.

I don’t think he will leave, but I say that from my heart, who is a moron, and not my head, which is very concerned about the whole thing.