The Sun are reporting that Alexis Sanchez is demanding £250k a week from Arsenal and that he hasn’t ruled out a move to China in what is a story just overflowing with bull.

The tabloids have been full of stories in recent weeks claiming that the Chilean is stalling on a new Arsenal deal. In those stories, it was because he was demanding £200k per week but now those demands, despite reportedly causing problems, have allegedly increased by 25%.

Don’t believe it for a second.

Here’s the Sun on 22nd November:


And here they are on Saturday, 26th November, just four days later:

As you can see, the Sun are claiming that Alexis is ‘demanding’ almost double his wages now.

It’s not going to happen because he’s not demanding £250k and Arsenal wouldn’t pay it, even if he was. They won’t even pay him£200k.

Should he agree a deal, it will be for around £160k due to Arsenal’s wage structure which is not as strict as it was before but still plays an important role at the club.

As for the China links, can you really imagine a competitor like Alexis going to China when he’s 27?

Yeah. Exactly.

Just more total balls masquerading as ‘news.’