As Arsenal and PSG made their way off the pitch at half-time, Olivier Giroud let Edinson Cavani know if he wanted to mess with Aaron Ramsey, he was going to have to mess with him.

The PSG man was incensed by the penalty award for what was, let’s face it, a dive from Alexis Sanchez.

His way of dealing with this was to try and take a swing at Aaron Ramsey:

The ref, unsurprisingly, didn’t see it – he didn’t see much of anything – and we carried on until the halftime whistle.

Then, as they were leaving the pitch, Giroud did this:

Of course, it wouldn’t be beyond the realms for UEFA to now ban Giroud for this (I would expect Cavani to be charged as a matter of course), but isn’t it nice to see our players standing up for each other?