When it comes to Aaron Ramsey, fan opinion is always divided.

There are those who love him no matter what he does, and those who are ready to blame him for everything bad in the world.

So, how did he actually do against PSG?

Well, he did pretty darn well.

  • He won the ball back 12 times – more than any player on either side
  • He attempted, and completed, three take-ons, more than any other Arsenal player and the same number as Marco Veratti (he tried four and messed one up)
  • He was Arsenal’s best passer with 59 of his 68 completed


  • He made more tackles than anyone else from either side (10)
  • He won more tackles than anyone else from either side (6)
  • No Arsenal player made more interceptions than him (2)
  • No Arsenal player shone on the night against PSG, but in amongst a bunch of underperforming players, Ramsey stood tallest.

With a better midfield partner than Francis Coquelin, he would have been even better.

VERDICT – Good, not great. Not awful.