Well. That was about as much fun as a colonoscopy with a rusty spoon, eh?

Can anyone remember the last time we actually played well? Chelsea? Probably. That was September. Yet we’ve managed to qualify for the next round of the Champions League with two games to spare and could still win it in the final gameweek.

And you, Tottenham?

Let’s not pretend we were brilliant. Arsenal were woeful in the first half, like Old Trafford but slower. Much better in the second, we somehow managed to grab a 2-2 draw without getting a single shot on target.

Impressive, huh?

PSG taking the lead was not surprising in the least. In fact, the only thing about the scoreline at the break that was surprising was that Arsenal were level and that was only thanks to an Alexis dive. The ref wasn’t going to give it, which wasn’t surprising either – he was giving nothing, but the lino did and up stepped Big Sexy to make it 174 goals in the last 3 games.

The second half was faster, but the quality wasn’t much better initially. Arsenal still struggled from their midfield’s inability to link properly with the front players, unable to bring it out and relieve pressure on the defence leading to Kos getting booked.

But Arsenal were definitely better.

Pressing more, they forced PSG into an own goal that would grace the halls of Arsenal’s hilarious own Own Goal library, but while the goal contained a large slice of luck, Arsenal’s role in forcing panic in the PSG defence should not be underplayed.

Of course, seeing the lead out would have been too much to ask. We allowed them to draw level through an OG of our own, Iwobi expertly dinking it past Opsina as the Colombian came to catch a tame PSG header.

That’s how it stayed, although Arsenal did their best to let PSG win it.

The important thing to note is that this is November and we are poo. But we aren’t so poo that we’re losing.

We haven’t done that since the first match of the season and we’ve only Bournemouth and Southampton left this month.

We’ve nearly made, and in mostly one piece as well!