Barcelona apparently feel ‘used’ by Hector Bellerin after the player struck a new deal with Arsenal, while showing total hypocrisy as they try to unsettle Alex Iwobi.

The Spanish side, who have zero room for criticising anyone when it comes to transfers, have already used the press to try and get their message across to Bellerin with reports of their interest starting in May and appearing periodically since then. They even seem to have been tapping him up.

Don Balon published a piece this week detailing how the Barca management are furious with the player for using their interest to get himself a better deal at Arsenal, but given what they have done to Arsenal (and other clubs) over the years, they will get little sympathy from anyone.

Throw into that the fact they seem to be starting to move towards Alex Iwobi, and their ‘anger’ becomes even more laughable.

Speaking to, Iwobi’s father said, “In football, you never say no. But at this point in time, he is at the right place.

“He’s doing well at Arsenal, but should any club come for him now, the answer would certainly be no.

“For him now, it’s not about the money.

“So, should a club like Barcelona come with more money, he will certainly stay back at Arsenal because now it is not about him making money, it’s about him concentrating on his career, progressing and going on to the next stage.

““I took him to Arsenal when he was 6 and they signed when he was 8. All he has known is Arsenal. He has never gone on loan, he has always been with Arsenal.

“He has broken into the first team and what they all talk about is his humility. Personally, that’s very important because when a player starts getting arrogant that’s when the player fails.

“It’s been good, God has been great.

“I see him being in Arsenal for very many, many years.”