A number of quotes, allegedly from Donald Trump about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal, are starting to appear on various websites despite clearly being a hoax.

First appearing on the site, Politica, which seems mocked up to mimic ‘Politico,’ the ‘post’ claims that Trump made the comments in North Carolina when he was trying to secure the Republication nomination to become the world’s next dictator.

This is what the website claims he said, complete with typos:

 “I am a number one supporter of Arsenal FC and as a real GUNNER, I expect us to humiliate other minor clubs. Arsene Wenger has hurt so many souls worldwide, including myself. This man runs the club like his own property and he does whatever he pleases with it. How could Manchester beat us? As if that is not enough, Swansea hammered us and the best we could do is hit the woodwork three times. Wenger is a clown, a masquerade and an original version of fake.

“Arsenal has become a punching bag for every team. Can you imagine that some teams like Manchester United and Chelsea can beat us home and away?

“This man Wenger belongs either in hell or in Holywood acting horror movies. As an actor, and given his pathetic old figure, the thriller movies he stars will sell worldwide unlike when he masquerades as a football manager.Arsenal needs to be revamped. If it is money the club lacks, I am ready to pay a new coach for 50 years as long as Wenger goes and leaves Arsenal in peace. If Wenger was to lead the children of Israel to the promised land, they could spend 40 years doing nothing but again end up in Egypt”

As you can tell from just using your own eyes and brain, these quotes are fake.

Had they been real, I’m pretty sure that we would have heard about them before now, especially as they were meant to have beeen uttered in March.

So why are we hearing about them now?

Well, that’s because the site, Le Buteur, which previously claimed Arsenal had agreed a deal to sign Riyad Mahrez, have published them as true and they are now being picked up across Europe by other sites.

There is no evidence to suggest that Donald Trump has any interest in football, which no doubt has far too many immigrants involved for his liking anyway.