Manchester United are reportedly trying to lure Chris Willock to Old Trafford, hopeful that his brother Matthew, who was released by Arsenal and ended up at United, can sway the deal.

But are they really?

Willock is tipped for big things having been at Arsenal since he was five-years-old.

Now 18, he is on the fringe of the first team and The Sun claim Jose ‘I wouldn’t know what to do with a youth player if my life depended on it’ Mourinho is said to be interested in bringing him north.

Willock signed his first professional deal with the club back in February and it expires next summer.

Beyond their subhead, the Sun actually give very little information regarding any Manchester United interest. All they say, beyond a massive subheader designed to draw people in, is “Older brother Matthew came through the system but was released and had to rebuild his career at Reading, before getting a move to Premier league rivals Manchester United.

“Chris, the middle sibling, will have no doubt looked up to his big bro and seen close-up how harsh football can be, even at a club that feels so entwined in the family fabric.

“United have been credited with an interest in taking Chris north to reunite with his brother but the Gunners would be crazy to let him go.”

‘Chris will no doubt have looked up to his big bro’ – General family dynamics is hardly a decent source for a transfer rumour.

‘United have been credited with an interest in taking Chris north’ – what does that even mean? ”Credited with an interest’ isn’t even a proper phrase.

‘But the Gunners would be crazy to let him go’ – so this whole thing is just wild speculation to get hits? Shocker.

They also mention ‘plenty of high-profile Gunner youths’ who have failed to make it, including ‘Luke Freedman’. They mean Luke Freeman, but we don’t expect a publication like the Sun to care about things like a player’s actual name. Also, Freeman signed for Arsenal when he was already 16, which is quite different from being at the club from the age of 5.

He was also never as highly regarded as Willock is now.