Everywhere you look there are claims that Manchester United are interested in signing Mesut Ozil and will try all sorts to get him to leave London to join Jose Mourinho.

There’s nothing to worry about.

I’m fairly sure that this is nothing but agent games as they try to come to an arrangement over his deal at Arsenal, but in case you still have any concerns, let me allay them for you.


United like to throw money at players and believe that it is the answer to all their problems. It isn’t. Ozil has already said that money is not important to him.


Mesut Ozil is 28. He doesn’t have time to waste as Manchester United get their act together.

Wenger v Mourinho

Ozil has frequently spoken about how important it is for him to feel valued at whatever club he is playing for. He gets that at Arsenal, as he has acknowledges, especially from Arsene Wenger. While Ozil has previously worked under Mourinho while they were both at Real Madrid, and the spiteful one has praised the German, Mourinho is under a different sort of pressure at United and doesn’t have time to search for his compassionate side (ha).

He’s happy

“I’m just happy to be there and to play for Arsenal,” Ozil said in September. 

“I have always been lucky enough to play in play strong teams, in which, so to speak a little bit can be cast.That makes a lot of fun.

“I recently read that I hadn’t stayed anywhere longer than three years.

“At Arsenal I am now going into my fourth year. That says a lot.

He already said no to United

Jose Mourinho advised Mesut Ozil not to sign for Manchester United in 2010, instead telling him to join Real Madrid.

Mesut Ozil will not leave Arsenal to join United. End of story.