Didier Deschamps has revealed that Olivier Giroud, Arsenal’s only fit striker, is not 100% fit but the player disagrees.

Alexis Sanchez is currently trying to ‘run off’ a hamstring tear which everybody knows will only result in his leg falling off. Danny Welbeck has no knees and Chuba Akpom has a back injury which will keep him out for an indefinite amount of time.

In fact, the signs for Chuba are not good. Arsenal have not mentioned his injury once and he is not even listed on the injured players page on Arsenal.com.

Nor is Yaya Sanogo, who is also injured.

When Arsenal disappear players, they are often out for an extremely long time. The most notable one in recent years is Serge Gnabry, who vanished for over a year with a knee injury which the club said nothing about. I’m not going to start about Gnabry here, I’ll save that for another post.

Speaking before France’s 2-1 win over Sweden on Friday night, Deschamps said, “Ask me if he will start, it’s simpler. He is not 100%, I know he knows it too.”

Giroud (and Laurent Koscielny) did start the game, and played the full 90 with Giroud not exactly shining. Perhaps because he’s not fit? A crazy theory, I know.

Giroud was out with a toe injury which he explained was more complicated than initially diagnosed (shocker). Speaking last week, he explained, “At first I thought it was not much, it could be quickly treated. 

“But actually, it was really compelling, especially where it was. Everyone asked me if my toe was fine but it was more complicated. I injured the flexor of the left big toe, which passes under the arch, and I was not right when I put the foot down. “

Speaking after the game on Friday night, Giroud said, “I have no problems with my injury. I feel good.”

We will learn in the early hours of Wednesday morning if Chile have killed Alexis or not ahead of the showdown against Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford at the weekend.