Mesut Ozil has revealed that he is ‘very very’ happy at Arsenal – that’s two verys for those keeping count – and is set to make Arsenal the club he’s spent the most time at.

As Ozil enters the last two years of his contract we’re already starting to hear a load of nonsense about his demands and stalling tactics, however absolutely none of those reports seem to have any sort of truth to them. With negotiations about to start again, after being paused for the Euros at Ozil’s request, we should see a new deal struck soon.

Speaking with Der Westen, the interviewer also reminded Ozil that he had once said his goal was to be a professional at Schalke, then switch to Real Madrid or Barcleona and then go to Arsenal.

“Now that you say it: this can be,” Ozil laughed as we popped his comments through Google translate.

“At Arsenal I definitely have a special relationship since they played Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp and later with Jens Lehmann, a German goalkeeper. They were playful always very, very good. Since I have always thought that this is an awesome team, for which I would like to play again. So I probably realised my goals.

My first goal is really to stay healthy. Everything else comes as it comes. You always have to work hard on yourself, but you can’t ultimately force anything. I just try to successfully play football and enjoy my life. Because what I do, I love them dearly.

I am very, very happy there. The city is alive, outstanding. Have you ever been there?

“It is unfortunately very expensive, but the city is outstanding, there is always something going on, things to do when it’s time for the family to visit.

“And the league is in my opinion the strongest league in the world, because it is so balanced.

“I’m just happy to be there and to play for Arsenal. I have always been lucky enough to play in play strong teams, in which, so to speak a little bit can be cast.That makes a lot of fun.

“I recently read that I hadn’t stayed anywhere longer than three years.

“At Arsenal I am now going into my fourth year. That says a lot.

“And the TV money will be invested, it is even more interesting.”

Reading that, you’d be hard pushed to think that Ozil wants anything other than an Arsenal stay and I’m sure the club want the same. Expect his new deal to be agreed and announced this side of Christmas, but even if it isn’t, I wouldn’t worry at all.