There was no miracle on Sunday and Doncaster Belles are going down after losing 2-1 at home to Notts County Ladies.

They have collected 0 points in 14 games and therefore deserve to go down. It is the second relegation for them, following their demotion on marketing and money criteria back in 2013.

Prior to the season, my predictions had Doncaster in sixth place. This was due to the new training facilities being built, an excellent recruitment drive, a good manager and the feel-good factor from the promotion.

Well I was wrong. The Belles were hampered by an horrible and stupid fixture list reaching the summer break with three games played out of 16. Three losses against the top three teams at the time: Man City, Chelsea and Birmingham.

This form led to Glen Harris losing the manager’s job. I don’t think anyone outside the club knows what happened, but it can’t be related to sporting results only, surely not?

The Belles lost the following eleven games with recurring individual errors mixed with horror team defending.

You certainly have to question why those errors happened time and time again and were not rectified. And if they were rectified and happened again, why were the players not dropped?

We all make mistakes while playing football. It can happen once, twice, thrice but then questions have to be asked.

The progress off the pitch has to be mentioned; has the plan that was proposed in pre-season materialised?

One last word about the Belles’ Noisy Fans who have supported their team throughout a horrible season. You can only feel sorry for them.

The Belles are looking to push for promotion next season at the first time of asking but as Everton discovered last year, the FA WSL2 is a tough and extremely competitive League.