Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain claims that the straight red card that Jonathan Moss produced for Granit Xhaka on Saturday was absolutely correct.

The winger, who was watching from the sidelines at this point, claims he instantly knew it was a red and insisted that Xhaka can’t have any complaints… okay.

“I was on the sideline there thinking he’s definitely off,” said the 23-year-old.

“The referees did explain that to us to be fair, so he can’t really have any complaints I don’t think.”

We’ve already made our feelings on the controversial sending off very clear. It wasn’t. A yellow, certainly, but a red? Definitely not. So quite how the Ox saw it and thought that was a red straight away is a little odd.

Wenger’s admission that he thought it was a ‘dark yellow’ was also a little uncharacteristic. Perhaps we’re trying not to wind up the officials this season by going along with everything they say? Maybe we’re trying to take the controversy aspect out of it by not arguing and just moving on? Might they have gotten a better view where it looked worse? I don’t know.

Xhaka will now serve a three-match ban. Does the Ox think he deserves that?