Francis Coquelin has defied all science, logic and reason by returning from injury well ahead of schedule.

As if the Footballing Gods are playing some sort of cruel joke by making one Arsenal player unbreakable yet picking Francis Coquelin to be that player, Arsene Wenger revealed the good news at his pre-Burnley press conference.

It is a miraculous recovery and although he is ‘short’ for this weekend, the 25-year-old could be back in contention for Swansea next weekend.

“Coquelin is looking much better than we expected,” Wenger said.

“He had a test today [Friday] but I still think he would be short for Sunday

“Much quicker [than we expected] because his medial ligament was not damaged as we thought and he’s keen to start again at the session yesterday but we have to be cautious.”

Since breaking into the first team, this is the second knee problem that Coquelin has suffered, with him returning to action after the first sooner than expected as well.

In fact, it was that injury which caused the initial concern over the one he picked up last weekend against Chelsea.

It was feared this knee problem was a recurrence of the medial knee ligament injury that sidelined him from 23 November, 2015 – 28 January, 2016(66 days, 13 games).

It isn’t.