There wasn’t much going on on Wednesday as we enter the tail-end of the interlull but much of what did happen involved Granit Xhaka who seems like he’s going to be a headline-making machine all by himself.

Getting sent off in the 93rd minute as Switzerland were beating Portugal 2-0, his disciplinary record took the spotlight but his battle with FIFA to play for Kosovo took another turn that was largely ignored by parts of the media.

Xhaka, called a ‘traitor’ by some for not opting to represent Kosovo, has always maintained that he was not informed in time that he could switch and that FIFA will now not let him change. FIFA had said that players who represented another nation at the Euros this summer would not be allowed to switch, but their latest statement has shown that Xhaka was right all along.

Aaron Ramsey, expected back for Southampton will now not be back until after Southampton (shocker) while Nathan Tella and Yassin Fortune have picked up problems of their own.

Takuma Asano scored again for Japan, Alexis Sanchez captained his side in their 0-0 draw against Bolivia, Olivier Giroud allegedly stunk up the place for France and David Ospina made a great save against Brazil but couldn’t stop Colombia from losing.

Nicklas Bendtner has finally found a new home and we looked at what Nottingham Forest fans can expect from the Greatest ego on the planet.

Arsene Wenger is back in fourth place, this time as the fourth highest-paid manager in the world while reports started to emerge that he has opened talks with Jack Wilshere over a new contract, despite press reports that Jack’s days at Arsenal are numbered. Somebody’s telling porkies again.

Gossip-wise and Jonny Evans looks like he has become the latest person to use Arsenal to get a better deal at his current club. I’m not sure if we should feel extra insulted at being used by a West Brom player or just laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

Probably best to just laugh, eh?