Colour us shocked, but Mauro Icardi has signed a new five-year deal with Inter Milan after we said all along that his wife and agent, Wanda Nara, was simply using Arsenal (and Napoli) to get him a new deal with the club.

I’ve lost track of how many times Nara was in London, on her way to London, or just leaving London over the summer as she played the media beautifully, all of them swallowing up everything she had to tell them.

They linked Icardi to Arsenal with glee despite the fact that just a cursory look at the whole situation would have told you that it was all just smoke and mirrors to land a payrise.

Now, with absolutely no information to confirm that Arsenal were even trying to sign the Inter Milan captain in the first place, the media in the UK are splashing their ‘ICARDI SNUBS ARSENAL’ headlines far and wide.

A story created in the mind of an agent, propagated by a lazy media and now being used as another stick with which to beat Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.

What a world! And the sad thing is, this is true of so many stories we’ve seen this summer, helped in no small part by Arsenal’s desperation to sign a new striker.

Icardi’s new deal, until 2021, will come with an £95m buy-out clause and a significant pay rise, not yet specified, but Nara was reportedly trying to get him €6m per year.