Arsenal are at it again: forcing players from other teams to sign new, improved contracts with their existing club just because we may or may not have been interested at some point – when will our reign of terror stop?!

Numerous players who Arsenal have been linked with (in some cases maybe genuinely) have signed shiny new contracts with their clubs just weeks after. Alexandre Lacazette (unconfirmed), Mauro Icardi and now… Jonny Evans.

That’s right, the ex-Manchester United defender who now plays for West Brom, whose own manager seemed more interested in Arsenal signing him than Arsenal themselves did, is said to be getting a pay rise and signing a new deal to ‘ward off’ potential suitors.

My goodness.

To be fair, according to the Telegraph, Evans is supposed to make £75,000 a week with this new deal so… more power to him if it’s true.

So, Arsenal aren’t just ‘failing’ to sign players we may not have even wanted but we’re triggering them to sign on to their own club for even longer?

That’s quite some power.

Or, perhaps we’ve just been used as a bargaining tool once or twice… who knows eh?

*removes tongue from cheek*