Arsene Wenger has hailed Zlatan Ibrahimovic, calling him a ‘winner’ before going on to describe water as ‘wet.’

He didn’t really do that last bit.

The Arsenal manager was asked about United’s new arrival ahead of a game against Manchester City on Sunday as reporters seemed to get their clubs mixed up. Or perhaps they were looking for something more with which to bait Jose Mourinho.

Whatever, they did not get it despite how it is now being spun.

“Honestly I don’t know [how he will get on],” Wenger said.

“Going for him is his class, his talent, his desire to do well. What goes against him is that he is not the youngest player anymore, so you are questioned about that in every game.

“From what I saw of him last year at Paris Saint-Germain, it was his most complete season as an individual player and as a team player. He became a really great team player last season.

“On the mental aspect he will bring something to Man United as well. He is a winner, he has charisma and he will give them a strength as well as his individual quality.”

In people who have been having a go news, Mourinho has wasted no time in his new job to show how hypocritical he really is. As he displays absolutely no signs of becoming a decent human being, it looks as if the upcoming season will be another, when the man, who has been sacked from the Premier League twice, tries to engage in mind games that a three-year old can see through.

Maybe they aren’t, actually, mind games. Maybe they’re just a reflection of his mind.

That’s probably more like it.