One of the most frustrating things about Jurgen Klopp is that he is the Liverpool manager which means, despite being inclined to like him a lot, we must, MUST force ourselves not to for the good of all that is holy in football.

Or something.

The man who has never been anything other than reverent about Arsene Wenger was speaking to the Liverpool Echo ahead of this weekend’s season opener and you get the sense, from what has already happened this summer, that we could see Klopp and Wenger team up to take down Mourinho.

That’s 100% happening in my head.

“Of course the start is difficult,” Klopp said. “It’s not just away, it’s away at Arsenal. Second game, a team who were promoted last season, on a high with a great atmosphere. Then Tottenham.

“It’s not easy but the Premier League is never easy. I haven’t thought for a second about it.

“I only think about the teams we play, not where we will play. We will be ready.”

Liverpool are suffering something of an injury crisis with 10 players listed at out when we compiled the first Injury League of the new season but Klopp thinks he has a squad in place that can cope with whatever the season throws at them.

“In the end it’s all about the performance of the guys who play. But you can and you should react to the intensity of different things.

“If the previous game was very intense or we’ve got three games in a week, we can change. You need to be able to do that without ever losing quality.

“I think when we stay fit and free of injuries we can do things like that. Not because we want to change but because we want to always have fresh legs. We want to keep them awake.

“We have built a squad not just so we can react to injuries. But also so that we have different options for different opponents – smaller spaces, counter-attack. Things like this. We feel much better about that compared to last season.”

Liverpool impressed in pre-season, scoring 17 (the same number as striker-less Arsenal) and evidence of Klopp’s style of play was on display more than at any part of last season.

Arsenal’s natural possession game and tendency to be caught on the counter is perfect fodder for him so we must hope that Wenger deploys Plan Manchester City at the weekend, especially given the centreback situation.