At his press conference on Friday morning ahead of the game against Liverpool, Arsene Wenger said he was not concerned about the situation with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez’s contract renewals.

The press, as they like to do, are trying to make the fact that they have not agreed a new deal into something of a story even though the players still have two years left on their current deals and talks are most likely only opening now.

The question seemed to take Wenger by surprise and he was stuttery as he began his answer, but soon got into his stride, saying, “[There is] no update. We keep that internally and we make progress always but it is not always a quick process.

“They still have two years contract too, there’s no urgency as well.

“There’s no reason for Arsenal fans to be concerned.”

A phone, which had been placed in front of him as a recording device, then started to ring and the Arsene picked it up and said “There’s a phone ringing here, I can take it if you want.”

He probably should have. Just for the crack.

Then asked if he was confident that they would agree terms at some point he simply replied “I think so.”