Jurgen Klopp seems pretty confident going in the new Premier League season with Liverpool’s opener coming against Arsenal.

To be fair, his team did just beat Barcelona 4-0…

The impressive scoreline combined with solid, counter-attacking football showed the world exactly what can happen when Jurgen Klopp’s plan starts to fall into place. However, Liverpool were struck with another injury, this time to James Milner, and if I were a fan, I’d be slightly concerned. As a Gooner, I know all too well what a long list of injuries can do to a team.

However, the former Borussia Dortmund boss insists that he still has 11 top quality players to put out next weekend against the Gunners.

“No, of course not, how could I?” Klopp said.

“I have an idea about my squad and for me that’s much more important. Today, a lot of players played really well and hopefully they do it tomorrow again – or different players will play like we did today. Then we have one week’s time and I think we should use the time, always. I never in my life made a decision about the line-up one week before the game because experience teaches you that everything can happen.

“We will have 11 very good players on the pitch against Arsenal and we will have a very strong bench, I’m really sure. But at this moment I have no idea who is where.”

Arsenal will be without their fair share of first team players. Olivier Giroud, Mesut Ozil and Laurent Koscielny are all set to miss out, not through injury but because of their late involvement in Euro 2016.

Thankfully, this should mean that they just need a little more preparation and they will be back on the pitch for us. With injuries, it’s a different story.