Mauro Icardi will not be leaving Inter Milan after new manager, Frank de Boer, said he will be staying at the club.

Can we stick a fork in this rumour? It seems to be done.

Then again, with Wanda Nara on the scene, things are never quite that simple and she continues to tout her clisband, mostly to Napoli, as she tries to get him a bigger pay packet somewhere. Anywhere.

Here’s what De Boer said, “Icardi is very important to me and will remain. And he’s young, [he]can still learn a lot but has already proven to be a fantastic player, we can work together very well, there will be no problem.”

While Nara said, “Changes are for the brave, the cowardly always prefers to stay where they are even if they are not happy.”

All along I’ve said that even if Icardi was to leave Inter, which I never thought he would, Naples would be a far more natural and likely destination. There’s a reason Argentine players go to Italy and stay whereas they come to England and melt in the rain.

Icardi himself hasn’t even said he’s unhappy at Inter, in fact, the only one saying that is Nara whose job is to get the best deal for her clisband using whatever means she sees fit.

She’ll get it. Somewhere in Italy somebody will pay them what they want.

It’s time to let this one go, it’s done.