As far as days go, Tuesday was poo.

There was little of note to talk about which just meant people tried even harder to sound like they had something to say.

The same old rumours did the rounds, Alexandre Lacazette (not coming), Mauro Icardi (not coming), Riyad Mahrez (might come), Shkodran Mustafi (probably coming), the list went on until we all just wanted to smash our faces into our computer screens to make it stop or, at the very least, to break the monotony.

But hey, Emmanuel Adebayor and some others are available for free and if that doesn’t keep you onj your toes, knowing how much Arsene loves a freebie, nothing will.

News-wise, it was all about the injuries with Gabriel out for 6-8 Arsenal weeks (see ya next year, Gab!) and that was pretty much all that happened that wasn’t transfer related.

If you’re fed up reading nonsense (god knows, we’re getting fed up writing it) have some ear porn with our latest pod.

You won’t regret it. Promise.