Mauro Icardi has confirmed he’ll be staying at Inter Milan after all, despite all the media speculation and baiting from his agent/wife (wagent?).

We never really thought the Serie A striker would be coming to Arsenal, despite rumours of us attempting to sign a £50m man emerging on Twitter. It seems as if Icardi’s wife and agent was just playing a pretty transparent game by baiting Gooners into a frenzy. Why? For higher wages, is my best guess.

Although we already guessed this was the case, Icardi himself has officially put an end to the madness by confirming to Corriere dello Sport that he will be staying with Inter next season.

“Other things must speak now. I work to improve myself, to play well and to embarrass the coach.”

Pretty sure he doesn’t literally want to embarrass the coach but Google Translate has a good sense of humour. What is clear is that he wants to move on.

As you can see, he’s happy at the Italian outfit and believes in the manager. Quite what his wife has been playing at and whether he’s actively encouraged this is still unknown but it’s definitely a bit of an odd situation.

Right, onto the next striker I supposed?