On Wednesday things went a little crazy as it seemed Mauro Icardi’s wife and agent was in London to discuss a move to Arsenal.

Could the player that Inter Milan have said is ‘unsellable’ really be on his way to Arsenal?

Let’s take a look.

The claims:

Some ITK’s (or not ITK’s) tweeted that Arsenal were working on something big (this guy wasn’t the only one)

SportMediaSet reported that Icardi is in the States, training with Inter while his wife is in England.

Wanda Nara tweeted and it was geostamped with ‘London, England’.

Reports emerged that Arsenal had made a €50m bid, offering €6m in wages

So what do we know?

Well, first up, a geostamp on a Tweet proves nothing:

Even if she is in London, there could be a load of reasons for that – she could be meeting with Chelsea, she could be doing some shopping, she could have some media interviews or doing some business. The thing is, we just don’t know, but you can bet everything you have that Wanda Nara knew what she was doing when she sent that tweet to her followers with the location switched on.

Next, we know that Icardi’s agent thinks that Inter Milan have not honoured their promises to him in regards to pay. For the majority of this recent saga, it has seemed very much like a ploy by Nara to force Inter into upping his paycheque.

Despite these recent claims, I see no reason to move position on this.

I could be wrong, in fact, I really hope I am, but there is something about this whole thing that makes me think it is just for Inter Milan’s benefit and nobody elses.

I don’t doubt that Arsenal are trying very hard to land a really big name striker, but with so much politics being played out across Europe, that job is harder than many seem to realise.

If I’m wrong, it means that Arsenal are going to sign Mauro Icardi and that Inter Milan have sold their captain to us.

That’s something I can live with.

I fear, however, we will simply see him sign a bumper new deal with the Italians.