If you weren’t around much over the weekend, you’d have missed all the fun that was the Gonzalo Higuain transfer saga as it really kicked into life.

Fear not, if you were around for Higuain Part 1 a couple of summers back, you probably have a fair idea of how things went.

In reality, despite the wealth of coverage in the UK, it is actually the links with Juve which are the strongest and, perhaps predictably, dominating the media in Italy.

One outlet there claims Arsenal haven’t even made a bid, although they are considering a big one of €50m-€60m plus Giroud.


While another website in Italy claimed that the club could offer him a new deal with a release clause of just €30m, the main sticking point so far in negotiations between Higuain and Napoli, others were stating that West Ham (and alleged Arsenal) target, Carlos Bacca, has been identified as a possible replacement.

Stories about how much Napoli don’t want to sell to Juve were everywhere with their president even stating that he would not sell to them. Strange, then, that he’s meeting with the Turin side today.

While Arsenal have been heavily named in this transfer, when you look at what has really been said beyond optimised headlines, there is very little.

At present, all the main interest is coming from Juve.

Or, should I say, all the public interest.

They might have to offload four players in order to pay the €94m that Napoli are demanding and it’s unlikely that Arsenal will come close to that sort of price for a 28-year-old with rumours already starting amongst UK journalists that the price is simply too rich for a player of that age.

With the meeting taking place today, there will be no doubt more updates on this over the course of Monday and beyond.

Higuain is expected back to training on 25th July and his club have said he’ll be there. They also distanced themselves from the coverage in the press, stating that Higuain has not said he wants to go to Juve.

“Gonzalo never said he wanted to leave,” said head of communications, Nicola Lombardo at a Q&A with fans.

“Juve have never asked for him and (President Aurelio) De Laurentiis doesn’t want to sell him.

“It’s all the fault of the media, who like to pile story upon story. He will be here on July 25.”

It’s safe to say, at this point, that is story is now well and truly into ‘frenzy’ territory.