Jamie Vardy’s wife, Rebekah, appeared on Good Morning Britain in the UK and was, predictably, asked about her husband’s potential move to Arsenal.

Rebekah insisted that there’s still been no decision either way over the Leicester City striker’s future but that, when he does, it’s completely down to him and him alone.

The situation seems more than a little strange, still. Rebekah and Jamie’s team would have known she would be asked about one of the most talked about transfer saga’s of the summer so far. Her answer was, as a result, incredibly well thought out and didn’t show favour to either side. Was this a way of dampening down claims that he’s made a decision to stay in Leicester? Or am I just skeptical?

Rebekah – or someone posing as her – has been vocal on Twitter about the harassment she’s faced following Arsenal triggering Jamie’s release clause. Hopefully, this has stopped.