Liverpool have reportedly offered Jamie Vardy £140k per week, which is £20k more than Arsenal, but look set to come unstuck as his £20m release clause is only available to clubs in the Champions League.

The Leicester Mercury say that Arsenal were sounded out about a move by Vardy’s reps while Sky claim Manchester United were also approached but they opted to refuse as they don’t want to impede Marcus Rashford (hilarious given Mourinho’s track record with youth players).

LM also claim Wenger was initially wary because of Vardy’s age and the chance his season could have been a one-off, but with many major players looking for a striker this summer and only a handful in the world-class bracket likely to be available, Wenger has reconsidered and Arsenal seem very close to getting the deal done.

What all this says to me is that Vardy is keen on a move and the rumours we’re hearing have a lot of truth to them. There is no need for his reps to be offering him to clubs if he has the intention of staying with the Foxes.

A move to a Champions League club (sorry Leicester, one season in the competition does not make you anything more than a temporary Champions League club, just ask Tottenham) would seem like the logical next step in Vardy’s extraordinary rise from rejected teenager to household name.

Will that club be Arsenal? It seems like it very well could be.

If any transfer is going to happen between Leicester, who desperately want to hold on to Vardy, and Arsenal, it should be done in the next couple of days. Roy Hodgson told his players they will not be permitted to undergo medicals or be involved in transfer deals once they have arrived in France ahead of the tournament.