It seems that Arsene Wenger might have identified how to win the Premier League again – simply buy all Leicester City’s players.

With the news that the Jamie Vardy deal is nearing completion many were asking where that left the reported interest in N’Golo Kante and Riyad Mahrez, the two players most thought Arsenal would try and sign rather than Vardy.

Well, according to Sport in France, it leaves them still very much interested and Claudio Ranieri must surely be crying into his pizza while his squad is picked apart.

He deserves better, but such is the ruthlessness of football.

The report on the French website doesn’t say where they got the information other than ‘a local website’ which isn’t very helpful at all because that could be one of hundreds.

With the purchase of Granit Xhaka already in the bag I doubt we will see another coming in that general area so that would seem to rule Kante out.

Mahrez, however, fills a role that Arsenal could do with strengthening given Theo Walcott’s identity crisis (I’m a striker, I’m a winger, I’m a striker, I’m a winger) and the problems that seems to be causing him on the pitch as he ruminates on it rather than trying to play football.

The report continues to say that Arsenal would be willing to offer between €70m and €80m for the duo.

Ok then.