Santi Cazorla has described Jack Wilshere as a ‘joy to watch’ recently while the 24-year-old is away in France for the Euros.

Although Santi is unfortunate to not be involved, that hasn’t stopped him keeping him eye on the Arsenal players who are, Wilshere included. And he had high praise for him team-mate.

“English players are very talented,” the Santi said to Arsenal Player.

“Arsenal itself has a lot of young talent, such as Jack Wilshere. He is a spectacular player and I just hope he recovers from his injuries because I think he can be a really important player for both Arsenal and the English national team.

“Jack mixes English and Spanish skills. He has a powerful acceleration, a low centre of gravity and he is left footed, which makes him a joy to watch.

“Spanish people love watching English football and know what English football is about. They like the box-to-box spirit of the game and that turnaround that every game may have.

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England’s midfielder Jack Wilshere (C) takes part in a training session in Chantilly, France on June 15, 2016 during the Euro 2016 football tournament (PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

“In Premier League football, counter attacks are a very common thing no matter the game’s result, while in La Liga the team who is up in the scoreline controls the game a lot more. But even English football philosophy is changing little by little.

“I think that in recent years English teams have made an effort to play a better football. I remember the first time I played at the Britannia Stadium my team-mates told me, ‘Welcome to England’. Playing there at the time was about long balls or throw-ins into your box so the centre backs could score a header. However, Stoke City is a different club now, with the likes of Bojan, Arnautovic and Shaqiri in the squad.

“I think that every club is getting to know that possession style [football] is the nicest to watch, as opposed to the kick-and-run style English football had before.”

Comparing Wilshere to the Spanish players is a massive compliment, especially coming from Santi, one of our best midfielders. As the 31-year-old pointed out, Jack’s had some trouble with injuries, just like a number of quality players in the squad, and it’s getting over those that will be key to his potential success.

So far, Roy Hodgson has been particularly careful with Wilshere – at least that’s what we’re assuming. He only played 13 minutes against Russia and was benched for England’s entire win over Wales on Thursday. This is all despite featuring in the pre-Euros friendlies earlier on. Hopefully, it is just a matter of being careful and not an indicator of Wilshere’s recovery.