Following another 0-0 against Birmingham City Ladies, Arsenal Ladies are very likely to miss out on Champions League football for the fourth season in a row.

The last time the ladies qualified for the elite club tournament was back in 2012 when they won the title under Laura Harvey. They finished third in 2013, fourth in 2014 and third in 2015.

Although the season is far from over with every team playing 16 games overall, Arsenal Ladies will have a mountain to climb to finish in the top two qualifying places. Manchester City have 20 points from eight games, Chelsea have 18 points from seven games and Arsenal have eleven points from seven games.

Basically Arsenal need Chelsea or Manchester City to lose two games at least.

Currently City have lost none so far and Chelsea one (to City). It is also is obvious that Arsenal need to beat Chelsea and City, something that looks like a difficult ask with the lack of consistency in their results.

It is hard to comprehend why the team cannot manage to sustain a high performance level every week, although games are happening at random times due to the FA absurd scheduling.

Let’s just hope the two teams do slip up a bit and Birmingham, also, do not manage to take one of the Champions League qualifying places as they are currently above the Gunners in the table.