The agent of Napoli’s defensive midfielder, Jorginho, has claimed that Arsenal (and Real Madrid) are interested in signing his client.

Sort of.

At first, I thought this could be simply an agent setting the groundwork for a new deal until I realised that he signed one recently (23rd December 2015) that ties him to the Italian side until 2020.

Then I read the quotes and realised that it is more a ‘come and get me’ plea than anything else.

Here’s what Joao Santos told Radio Crc: “Football is a business, our expectation is to stay five years with Napoli [his contract] and we’ll work to give our best for this team.

“It was in England that I was first asked about Jorginho but now everyone knows him and it’s obvious that a lot of teams are following him.

“Then if his international call-up is confirmed it would only raise his profile further.

“Newcastle United? No, [Rafa] Benitez has gone there. They probably need a player like him, but we haven’t talked.

“Real Madrid and Arsenal know Jorginho, if they came forward with an official offer we’d talk but at the moment all I can say is that Jorginho has a five-year contract with Napoli and wants to play for them in the Champions League next year.”

Not very subtle is it?

With a current market value of around £11.25m, it’s unlikely he would be released for anything less, especially not with a long contract in place.

Could Arsenal actually be interested? It’s not the worst idea in the world.

He can play in the centre of midfield as well as an attacking role so he clearly demonstrates the flexibility Arsene Wenger craves in his players in the middle of the park.

At this point, however, I wouldn’t say there’s any substance to any of this at all.