Alex Iwobi is the hottest thing at Arsenal at the minute.

The 19-year-old’s first goal for the club he has been at since he was just eight sealed all three points for Arsenal on Saturday. His man of the match award was no surprise.

Since then, people have been rushing to heap praise on the latest Young Gun to cause waves in the Premier League, and Thierry Henry has been no different.

Speaking in his column in the Sun, Henry highlighted a number of important behaviours than have helped Iwobi make the breakthrough. They are the sort of things that the David Bentley’s of this world always fail to master.

“Watching Alex Iwobi against Barcelona on Wednesday will have been a source of immense pride and joy for academy head Andries Jonkers and all the coaching staff who have worked with him over the years, including Steve Gatting, Carl Laraman, Neil Banfield, Steve Bould, Steve Leonard, Roy Massey, Frans de Kat, Kwame Ampadu and Liam Brady,” Henry wrote.

“I am sure there have been other coaches who I’ve forgotten to mention but their contribution will not have gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

“Alex wasn’t scared against the best team in the world in the Nou Camp. He was brave on the ball, calm in and around the penalty area and justified all the work invested in him by the academy.

“He is the perfect example of how a kid has to behave to make it to the top. He works hard, he listens and he is always on time.

“He has blossomed since breaking into the seniors and his goal and brilliant display against Everton yesterday, underlined his potential.”

Iwobi has certainly seized the chance given to him because of Theo Walcott’s fall from grace. The pressure, the focus, none of it seems to bother him.

It’s all very exciting indeed.