Not that long ago, Arsenal couldn’t buy a win against a top side.

Their record against all the big boys, and some of the medium-sized, used-to-be-big boys, was appalling.

Quietly, however, over the past few seasons, things have been getting gradually better and Arsene Wenger’s record is starting to look more like it did in the first half of his Arsenal tenure than the one that haunted us through the austerity years.

As 2015 comes to a close, Arsenal have lost just one game to Chelsea, City or United in all competitions – and that defeat only happened because Mike Dean sent half our side off at Stamford Bridge while allowing Diego Costa to stay on the pitch.

An amazing turn around, but that result at Chelsea still frustrates the hell out of me.

Counted, obviously, as a defeat, it should come with an * in the way baseball players in the Hall of Fame who doped are marked out.

How it happened should never be forgotten.