When the summer transfer window closed and Arsenal then announced that Danny Welbeck’s leg had fallen off, the Gooner world exploded in rage.

How could the club be so negligent? How could they go into the season with one underrated Frenchman and an English winger who only seemed to play when he wanted a new contract?

The difference between Arsenal and Manchester City on Monday night when it came to goals scored, was the pair who cost a combined £17m – £24.5m (Theo’s fee was £5m rising to £12.5m if certain clauses were met).

They decided the game, not the mega money City forwards.

Of course, the £45m Mesut Ozil also played a vital role, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Shut up.

Is there a better forward out there than Olivier Giroud? Yes.

Is he already at one of the top four clubs in the world and unlikely to move? Absolutely.

Maybe Arsene still does know, eh? At the very least, he knows better than us.