Per Mertesacker has insisted that Arsenal’s 3-2 loss against Olympiacos at home wasn’t the ‘real’ Arsenal and that against Bayern Munich we have a real chance to claw back some points.

It’s tough to sympathise with the players when they appear disappointed at the loss because, as much as we love some of them, they were the ones on the pitch who had the job to do. As fans, all we could do was watch the complete car crash that was our Champions League performance unfold in front of our eyes.

The players are the ones who could have directly influenced it.

Speaking after the match, Per appeared dejected but insisted he was hopeful for our two clashes against Bayern Munich, who are currently romping the group stages.

The issues is now, even with outstanding performances against the European giants, we still might not progress and it doesn’t paper over the fact that we just lost two of our most winnable matches.

Watch his interview below.