Liam Brady was surprisingly upbeat following Arsenal’s loss to Olympiacos in the Champions League and believes that although the result was ‘shocking’ we can’t do anything about it now except move on.

Arsenal are now set to face Bayern Munich twice in a row in the Champions League in the worst position we could imagine being in. No one wants to be facing the Bundesliga giants needing two wins, yet here we are.

The Arsenal legend does reckon that we’ve got a chance, considering we’ve beaten them before, but still, it’s a risky game we’re playing.

 Ireland assistant coach Liam Brady
DUBLIN, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND – APRIL 8: Ireland assistant coach Liam Brady attends the Republic of Ireland football press conference at the FAI headquarters on April 8, 2008 in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. (Photo by Patrick Bolger/Getty Images)

“It was a shock, but what can you do?,” he said.

“We have to dust ourselves down and start again and somehow rescue the situation in the group.

“If we get six points in the next games against Zagreb and Olympiacos, we’ll have to try and get something from the Bayern game, but we’ve done it before against them.”

At this point, two victories against Bayern might keep our Champions League dreams alive but other than that, it’s more likely to be damage limitation at this point. If we can’t beat Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiacos, the chances of us actually beating Bayern again are minimal.

Saying that, at least one win against the Germans would be nice.