After Jose Mourinho’s bitter rant about Arsene Wenger being a ‘king’ in the Premier League and basically being allowed to do whatever he wants, the boss responded in the only way he could.

When asked, the boss merely said with a smile, “I didn’t realise that, I must say.”

Wenger continued, “No [I don’t feel like a king], I feel I have just done my job with the team and for our fans. That’s what you want.

The hypocrisy of the Chelsea manager’s comments won’t be lost on Wenger, who at one stage couldn’t so much as breathe in the direction of a referee or he’d get fined.

Wenger went on to say how he simply does his job, which could be taken an a dig at Mourinho who, at the moment, seems practically incapable of doing his.

“Honestly I’m not too much concerned about the other results. Thirty years in football now, and I know that what is important is to play football well.

“What we want is to manage a team who enjoys playing together and gets better every week.”

Wenger and Mourinho were never going to be friends, but following the loss to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, which saw Diego Costa act like a complete buffoon only for his manager to defend him, the atmosphere between the two will be even frostier.

Ah well. I definitely know which one I’d prefer managing my team…