Arsenal don’t play Chelsea this weekend, but Friday saw José Mourinho sit in another press conference and go on about Arsène Wenger.

The obsession that Mourinho has, his ‘Wenger complex’, is just odd and it is very easy to see right through. For all the whining, the complaints, the snide remarks, José Mourinho is simply and hideously envious of the Arsenal manager.

A man with no integrity will not stop berating the man with an incredible amount of class. A football manager who has won title after title with desperately unimaginative football is obsessed with the manager lauded for the way his teams play the game.

José Mourinho is desperate.

I wonder who that manager could be. Is it the man who guided a side on a shoestring budget to continue competing with the likes of Chelsea?

One Arsenal defeat and broken cannons are plastered over the national red tops. Every press conference sees Wenger asked why he didn’t sign X, Y and Z. Every season the media ask whether or not it’s his time to leave, why Arsenal should pull the trigger, why Arsène should resign.

Mourinho, when the going gets tough, walks out. He manufactures arguments within the club so he isn’t wanted anymore. He is fuelled by confrontations that Wenger intelligently avoids.

There is one manager who is never under any pressure, and it’s José Mourinho. The Portuguese runs away before the going gets tough and is so insecure that he attacks any scrutiny with rude or offensive slights.

Crying before the game, Mourinho hollers as he delivers this poisonous sermon to media in a pre-match press conference. Hmm. The man once sarcastically dubbed “the Lord of the Press Conference” by Carlo Ancelotti has lost the plot in his very own kingdom. Which brings me to his next quote.

Well, after all that Mourinho finally found some sort of valid conclusion.

Yes, José, Arsène Wenger is still the king.

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