Carrying on our series on the possible 2016 squad, here are our midfield players:

  • 6. Victoria Losada (25)
  • 8. Jordan Nobbs (24)
  • 10. Kelly Smith (38)
  • 14. Leah Williamson (19)
  • 16. Carla Humphrey (20)
  • 20. Dominique Janssen (21)
  • 25. Jade Bailey (21)
  • 30. Georgia Allen (18)
  • 35. Chloe Brunton-Wilde (18)
  • 39. Alysha Stojko-Down (19)

The squad is quite strong with all the players who will be younger than 25 next season. We do not know yet if Kelly Smith will be playing, so adding a player with a bit more experience around 28 to 30-years-old might be useful.

There is a good balance with two defensive midfielders, Bailey and Janssen, two box to box players, Nobbs and Williamson, and three attacking midfielders, Vicky Losada, Carla Humphrey and Kelly Smith.

Many of those midfield players can also cover in defense if needed as well.

There are also a few youngsters pushing to reach the first team level who are not there yet like Brunton Wilde and Stojko-Down, plus a very promising playmaker in Allen who has been given playing time with the first team a few times already.

All in all, what is needed is an experienced attacking midfielder to be the technical leader that Kelly Smith was for many years until Humphrey or Allen can take over.