David Seaman has become the latest person to weigh in on the farce that was the weekend’s game against Chelsea by insisting that Gabriel shouldn’t have been sent off for his kick-out at Diego Costa.

Having seen this video of the incident, we have to say we agree with the former goalkeeper.

Let’s be clear, here. David isn’t saying that Gabriel shouldn’t have reacted, nor is he one of the increasing number of people blaming him and his teammates for getting wound up by a nutcase player and a totally incompetent referee.

No, he’s defending the Arsenal man and we love him for it.

LONDON - DECEMBER 15: David Seaman of Arsenal in action during the FA Barclaycard Premiership match between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal at White Hart Lane, London on December 15, 2002. (Photo by Ben Radford/Getty Images)
Embarrassed by Gabriel’s red card (Photo by Ben Radford/Getty Images)

“For me the game was spoilt by the sending off,” Seaman told talkSport.

“The actual incident itself was nothing – that happens all the time at corners.

“The actual bit that he got sent off for was ridiculous. I feel embarrassed as a footballer that people are getting sent off for that kind of challenge – it wasn’t even a challenge, it was just a little flick.

“Normally that would just get laughed at. To get a red card for that and to change the aspect of the game was disappointing.”

Here at Daily Cannon we think we should just give Chelsea the three points from their home game every season. That way we can save our fans having to travel there, get treated like crap and have to endure views like this for £56 while being cheated out of any points: