As if all his ridiculous antics aren’t already enough, José Mourinho had another dig at Arsène Wenger’s ability to get the best out of his side on Saturday.

The Blues, with a lot of help from the referee, beat Arsenal 2-0 with Wenger’s team ending the game with just nine men.

After the match, Mourinho told the media that Wenger should stop complaining before going on to have a dig at the Arsenal manager’s ability to get the best out of his players.

“I like every player from Arsenal,” said the Chelsea manager. “I tell you, if one of their players is a free agent and they don’t want him there, I get every one. I like all of their players.

“I think Arsenal have the squad to be champions. And every season I feel that.”

Clearly, Mourinho feels that the squad are good enough to compete for the title but Wenger is the reason they don’t.

This season Chelsea have lost three of their opening six Premier League games, which is as many they lost last season as they went on to win the title.

You can’t help but think a better manager, a progressive one, would be able to keep a set of players who have just won the league at the same level a few months down the line.