Jose Mourinho is probably even more deplorable after a win than a loss.

The Chelsea manager spoke after the Chelsea v Arsenal match and made is clear that he was allowing Wenger’s criticism regarding the game to go in one ear and out the other.

“I played against Arsenal 12, 15, 18 times, and only once he did not moan,” he said. “On that day we lost the game, we lost the cup, it was not good for us. We behaved in a fantastic way.

“No excuses. Not crying. Not moaning. Just Mr Jose Mourinho, my players and Chelsea football club.

“I have to cope with my defeats. He has to cope with his defeat.”

And therein lies the problem. If a parent doesn’t punish their child when they act out, the child is just going to repeat this behaviour. Mourinho fails to address Diego Costa’s repeatedly vile displays on the pitch and therefore, the striker continues. He just brushes off other manager’s criticism as excuses when in reality, he needs to be taking a good hard look at his player.

Wenger has every right to ‘make excuses’ in this instance.

What doesn’t help, is the fact that the match officials don’t appear to care either. Time after time, Costa has gotten away red handed with acting like a bully on the pitch and if he keeps getting away with it, it’s going to keep happening.

When will it stop? And when will Mourinho’s senseless defence of this professional footballer come to an end? Does the man have to hurt one of his own players before the manager takes notice?