Robert Pires has jumped to Olivier Giroud’s side to defend him against criticism the striker has received about his ability in front of goal.

The Arsenal legend believes that, because of the position the 28-year-old plays in, he’s always going to be the victim of unfair criticism. However, it’s clear that those who work closely with him are aware of his capabilities and believe in his ability to deliver.

“Whatever he (Giroud) does, he will be criticised,” Pires said.

“The two most criticised positions are in goal and are upfront. Olivier has accepted those criticisms and dealt with them.

“Didier Deschamps has faith in him, he has shown that. Arsène Wenger also counts enormously on Giroud’s work.

“He (Giroud) is one of the best players in the team. He knows how to score goals.”

Recently comments from Henry regarding Giroud’s capability as Arsenal’s main striker haven’t gone unnoticed and, although Pires doesn’t reference his former teammate directly, it could be controversial for the star to take a stand against him.

At least the striker can see that not only does he have the support of the fans and manager, he also has a living Arsenal legend and fellow Frenchman behind him.

All he can do now is go on, continue to work hard, and not allow comments from outside sources get to him.