Olivier Giroud recently spoke about signing Petr Cech from Chelsea and what a superb acquisition he is for the club.

The Frenchman, although supportive of David Ospina, believes it’s vital to have more than one decent goalkeeper at a club like Arsenal.

“Even if David Ospina, who is a good friend of mine, had a great season last year. It is great to have two goalkeepers,” he said.

“It is great to have Cech, he was notably excellent against Liverpool, he will help a lot in the Champions League.”

Ospina had a decent record for us last season after he took over from Wojciech Szczesny, but there was always something a little nervy about his performances. Towards the end of the season, his lack of world class quality began to show, and the goals started to slip in.

The signing of Cech has been huge for our club and, as Giroud says, against Liverpool he was superb, single-handedly keeping us in the game with two stunning first half saves.

Without Cech’s quality at the very back, it doesn’t matter how the likes of Giroud do at the front, so it’s good to see the striker recognising that.