The Welsh FA have just announced that the UEFA Women’s Champions League final will be played at the Cardiff City Stadium.

The game will be played on Thursday 1st June 2017 at the 33,280 capacity ground.  The 2016/17 UEFA WCL tournament will be the first one under the new format where nations ranked 9th to 12th will be awarded a second team in the competition.

Previously only nations ranked 1st to 8th were allowed a second team. With the exception of a winner not qualifying for the tournament via their league position. This has happened this season with 1.FFC Frankfurt, meaning Germany will have three teams in 2015/16.

The 12 countries awared two slots are: Germany, France, Sweden, England, Russia, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Scotland and Norway. Scotland is the only country that will enter two sides for the first time as the other 11 countries managed to finish in the top 8 ranking in the past.

The FA WSL 2015 winner and runner-up will qualify for the UEFA WCL 2016/17 tournament. Arsenal Ladies are currently second in the table and might be able to qualify for the tournament.

Should they do so and were to make the final, they would certainly be able to bring a good support to Cardiff.