Arsenal’s Kelly Smith could face legal action from Sunderland’s Abby Holmes after her comments in the wake of her injury.

Holmes put in an horrendous tackle on the Arsenal legend, the result of which was three torn ligaments in her ankle, surgery and at least four months out of the game.

After the surgery, Smith took to the internet and let fly with a totally uncensored rant about her opponent and how she believes there was intent to cause injury.

Warned by the FA over her comments, Smith could now face legal action as Holmes decides what to do regarding the comments, however given Holmes track record of injuring players (think Ryan Shawcross only without the breaks), Holmes may not wish to open that particular can of worms.

As we’ve frequently discussed here at Daily Cannon, it is amazing how comments about a disgusting tackle are always taken far more seriously than the tackle itself.

It’s almost as if the game in this country has its priorities completely wrong.