Aaron Ramsey has thanked the Arsenal fans who made the long trip to Hull on Monday night despite the lateness of the kickoff.

In great voice as usual, the Arsenal fans have had to endure a number of ridiculous kick-off times this season, a matter made even worse by the fact Sky Sports chose to show a London derby on a Sunday afternoon when it would have been far better suited to Monday night rather than making the Arsenal fans trek the 188 miles to Hull.

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The Gooners also took the opportunity to protest at ticket prices, but their efforts, while tweeted by a number of journalists, got absolutely zero mentions on Sky. Do a search for ‘Sky Arsenal banner’ on Twitter and the first mention you get is from 20 days ago in relation to a Spartak banner.

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I guess had it been away fans at the Emirates it would have been a different matter altogether. Games elsewhere are free, innit? (Hull charged Arsenal fans significantly more for this game than they were charged at the Emirates). The banner read ‘£5bn and what do we get? £64 a ticket.’

The Daily Mail did, however, pick it up and it’s likely that, because of that, it will get wider coverage elsewhere, however they highlight the issue as being one regarding prices at the Emirates which does nothing to help the issue – prices are a problem across the game, not just at Arsenal.