Lee Mason.

What can you say?

We could say ‘we told you so‘ as we called it in our preview – a referee that misses more than he sees and offers no protection.

Shall we talk about the blatant foul in the build up to their goal? Or Huddlestone raking his studs down Aaron Ramsey’s leg? What about Livermore, already on a yellow, cynically fouling Alexis Sanchez on the edge of the box or their fans ironically cheering the referee for giving them a decision when he missed practically nothing that was to go in their favour?

The truth is, Mason would possibly be the worst referee in this league if it wasn’t for Anthony Taylor.

Thankfully, his ineptitude didn’t cost Arsenal, and hopefully Ramsey suffers no lasting effects from Huddlestone’s challenge.

Great performance from Arsenal, standard terrible one from Mason.

One day the Premier League will realise their product is being ruined by sub-par officials who can’t even get simple calls correct.